We all know that windows are essential as part of any home design but at Earnock Builders we’ve realised that not many people are in the know of the different window styles on the market. Therefore, it’s not surprising that even fewer people are aware that the sky light offers many benefits for the home (apart from being stylish of course.) Sky lights have been a favourite for many people looking for a redesign or brand new house build. Let’s check out some of the other benefits that these windows have for the home:

Skylight windows in bathroom

Natural light: Sky Lights allow a lot more natural light into the home than normal windows. Furthermore, the light isn’t restricted to one part of the room, it envelopes the entire space. You save money on electricity during the lighter months as natural light enters the room and lightens it up during the day.

Studies show that having a lot of natural light in the home not only enhances your productivity levels but your mood levels improve too.

Aesthetic value: From the inside, sky lights give a stylish and elegant feel to the room as well as general spaciousness. Outside looking in, the window gives the whole home a modern and clean look. As well as adding value to the property.

Skylight in loft

Versatility: Nowadays, open minded people are open to the Incorporation of sky lights in modern properties and they have a stunning effect. These types of windows can be found in the kitchen and living room of many homes.

Sky lights have a number of benefits but it’s a big decision to decide to change up your window design. Take time out to decide. Don’t just go ahead and do it because you see your neighbour changing up.

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