If you’re looking to add space, value and functionality then a great solution is to add a sunroom. Glasgow Sunroom installations add value to your property while being a sanctuary of enjoyment and relaxation. These installations are affordable as they are probably one of the most cost-effective modifications you can make to your home.  They offer several benefits.

They offer visibility to your surroundings and openness, much more than a garage or other additions.  Sunrooms are easy to maintain, offer versatility and more options than other types of extensions.

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Cost effective and it can be easily heated/cooled

There are several types of sunrooms out there. Non-heated sunrooms which are better for warmer climates. As we live in Scotland when the weather can be unpredictable a heated sunroom is probably the better option.  A heated sunroom keeps the heat in with insulated glass and has a thermally broken frame so the room can be heated and cooled cost effectively.  If you would like to use the sunroom all year round in Scotland then a heated sunroom can be used during winter and summer as it’s easy to adapt the temperature.

An enjoyable living space

For adding space then a sunroom is the perfect choice.  Gather family and friends to enjoy a meal in the most scenic room in your home. It can provide a fantastic breakfast area too. You can also convert a heated sunroom into an extra bedroom for guests.  Turn the sunroom into a play area for your children or grandchildren. It can be designed so it’s a place to play for the kids while not cluttering other parts of the house.  If you’re wanting a space to kick back, add comfortable furniture, a large table and a television where you can spend precious time.

Get healthy with a sunroom

As everyone might not be keen on the gym then add a workout area to your sunroom. This is great for people who like keeping up with a fitness routine while it also allows to free up room in other areas of the house.  This is a place where you can have a new space that’s modern and fresh to work out in.

Greenroom option

Living in Scotland brings many benefits but growing food in the garden can be problematic due to the harsh weather. With a sunroom, you can grow a container garden, to grow herbs, plants and flowers as the sunroom is the same temperature all year round.  Add a sunlight for extra light.

The Seasons is extended

Although it might be difficult to imagine extending the season, you can do this with a sunroom extension. You’re bringing the outdoors, indoors essentially.  Sit back and relax in your comfortable furniture watching the sunrise. The furniture will be comfortable and not weather worn either. With a sunroom extension from Earnock you enjoy the nicest parts of every season.

Choose your design

Do you have a vision of how you want your sunroom to look? We can build your design, bringing it to real life. We can make that a reality at Earnock Builders.

The View

Have a fantastic view of the back or front garden with a new sunroom build from Earnock. The light that you allow into your sunroom also adds to the architecture. It will enhance the space of even the smallest room. And another thing, it’s great for Vitamin D. Especially during those dark winter months.


Versatile, affordable and useful are words you would use to describe a sunroom. Easy to maintain and cost-effective to build, why wouldn’t you add a sunroom? Sunrooms are an extremely effective away of adding space to your home without the high costs which come with other modifications. They also add light, which enhances your mood and general well being.

If you’re looking for a sunroom extension to your home please get in contact with Earnock Builders via the contact form or call us on 01698 510072.