Adding an extension onto your home is a big decision, particularly because there’s a lot to consider. One of the biggest considerations is choosing the right builder to complete the job. Before extension work begins, you should find out as much as possible about your builder and what their work on your house will consist of. We’ve listed 5 important questions to ask a builder before building an extension.

What is your experience?
First and foremost, knowing your builder’s experience is essential. Are they experienced enough to complete the job? Find out how long they have been building extensions for. Or, ask if a portfolio of their past work is available. A legitimate builder will not hesitate answering simple questions like these.

How will my property be protected?
You should be rest assured that any builder has a plan in place in case your property gets damaged. From the little things such as how they will prevent dust from entering your house, to how they will protect surrounding landscapes. Knowing that they are prepared for scenarios like these will offer you some reassurance.

How long will my extension take to build?
Depending on what part of your house is being extended and how big the job is, you might need to make some arrangements in terms of living. This means that it’s important to find out an estimated time on how long the extension will take to build.

At Earnock, our builders complete an average extension in about four to six weeks, or six to eight weeks for larger extensions. Our surveyors will let you know the estimated completion date before work starts.

Are you insured?
Builders should have two main insurances: Public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance. Public liability insurance covers you and your builder if someone’s hurt or property is damaged. If your builder doesn’t have this insurance, you may have to get your own. Moreover, if a builder who works through a company does not have employer’s liability insurance, they are breaking the law.

All of our builders at Earnock are fully insured with both employee liability insurance and 10million pound cover for public liability.

Is planning permission needed?
Planning permission is a huge factor to consider when building an extension, as you must apply for it and be granted permission to build from your local council. Your chosen builder should already be clued up on planning permission and other building regulations and will be able to tell you if it’s needed and provide you with further information.

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