If we’re true to ourselves; we all would love more space with our homes wouldn’t you agree? Compared to our European and American counterparts, we lack space within the home.

There are numerous ways to increase the space within your home but with loft conversions, there are several great benefits. Let’s check them out:

Loft conversion white with ensuite

A loft conversion adds value

Don’t just take it from us, other property experts say that adding such things as a loft conversion is one of the best ways for adding value to your home. Market research has suggested your home can increase by 20% with adding space like this to your property.  On average, your home can increase by around £37,000 according to Nationwide.

This is the one type of home improvement that can add so much to your property that costs so comparatively little. Once the conversion is built you can make money back on it immediately by renting the new space out to a student or lodger, which means you’re making money before you come to sell your home.

Avoid the cost of moving

The cost of moving gets higher every year. Property costs, stamp duty and solicitor fees continue to increase. Benefits of loft conversions mean you can stay in the same property with added space which means;

You don’t:

Need to find a new job/new commute to work.

Move school.

Have the stress of packing.

Loft conversion white with ensuite

Added space for storage

It’s not just the extra room that comes with a loft conversion. You can have added storage space under new stairs if the conversion is planned properly.

By using ‘dead space’ to create extra room, a conversion doesn’t eat into your outdoor space.

Conversions with a view

If you live in a bungalow, you’ll be used to seeing your view blocked by other homes on your street so it can be nice to see the city view on the horizon with a conversion.

Being higher gives you an entirely new perspective on your surroundings.

Adding natural light to your property

A loft conversion adds more natural light to your properly if converted.  If the right windows are installed this means maximum light will be let in.  Natural light can improve your mood and general wellbeing.

Saving time and money with a loft conversion

Loft conversions are good value for money as they increase your upper space, can improve storage space while it also increases the price of your property.

Other benefits of a loft conversion are:

Loft conversions have less chance of overshadowing of adjacent properties.

By building a loft conversion, work can continue in any conditions, it’s not dependant on weather conditions.  So your loft conversion won’t be delayed by frost, snow or rain.

Many loft extensions do not need planning permission.

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