At Earnock Builders, we appreciate a beautiful building when we see one. Scotland is filled with amazing architecture and the city we’re paying close attention to in this blog is Edinburgh.  You can’t stop but admire Edinburgh. From the Scottish Parliament building to the winding old roads of Haymarket, the city is beautiful as it is diverse. Whether your taste is Modernist or Gothic, there’s a building to admire for everyone.

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Edinburgh Castle

Those interested in the history of the city should definitely visit Edinburgh Castle. The castle is easy to admire up close or from a distance as it’s perched on top of the volcanic Castle Rock. The attraction is steeped in history with the oldest wing of the castle being built in the 12th century. Even more impressive is the fortress at Edinburgh Castle. Here you can appreciate the Moon Battery and the many towers that the building has to offer.

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Adam House

Part of Edinburgh University, Chamber Street with its grey stone facades is something you cannot stop but admire. Also, Adam House, built over 60 years ago, is a stately building with its neoclassical upper floors that fits in well with the architecture of the whole area. The National Museum of Scotland is also another must visit tourist attraction situated here.

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George Heriot’s School

One of Edinburgh’s finest structures, fitted with a mix of Scottish classical features and castle-like turrets, it’s a building that inspired the author JK Rowling for Hogwarts school. Originally, George Heriot’s was a hostel which has now been transformed into a private school.


St Giles Cathedral

Located on the historic Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town is St. Giles Cathedral. The latest build of the cathedral was built in the 14th Century.  To appreciate the structure in all its glory, attend a service and enjoy the interior which is something to behold. The Thistle Chapel is another highlight. The chapel gives tourists a real flavour of Scottish history.

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Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace is the official home of the British monarch when they visit Scotland.  Surrounded by well-landscaped gardens, the palace is large as it is grand. Visit the central block where you can see the great towers that flank this part of the building. Apparently, the resident ghost, Bald Agnes roams around the Palace, so watch out!

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Old College, University of Edinburgh

Built by Robert Adam and William Playfair, the Old College is home to the Talbot Rice Gallery and the Playfair library.  Check out the impressive dome when you enter the beautiful courtyard, where you can take a leisurely stroll around.

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Scottish National Gallery

This building as part of the bold initiative to turn Edinburgh into the ‘Athens of the North.’ Built in the same classical style like the monument on Carlton Hill, the Gallery is a must visit when you venture to The Mound.

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Scottish Parliament Building

Opened in 2004, is the Post-Modern Scottish Parliament complex by the late Enric Miralles. Situated under Arthur’s Seat, the design of the Parliament is very different from the traditional architecture of the Old Town. It’s made to mirror the landscape of the crags and hills.

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University of Edinburgh Library, George Square

Located on the edge of George Square, is the maze-like library building of the University of Edinburgh. Unlike the Old College Library, this is built in the modern brutalist style by Sir Basil Spence in 1967. A huge building, each floor is around an acre to accommodate the collection that the library holds.

Waverly Station

Located between the Old and New Towns under the North Bridge is Waverly Station. The building is iconic like the rest of the city’s architecture with its zigzagging rooftop. If you’re visiting the city for the first time, you get an early first impression of the city with its vast glass roof.

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