If you’re thinking of extending your home then it’s a great idea as its generally more cost-effective than moving. The total cost of moving will vary depending on which property you’re moving to.

With the overhead costs of moving, an extension could be the better option.

Summer Room within rear extension progressing nicely

Design Control

One of the main reasons for extending or moving is, of course, the added space that the likes of an extension can bring taking into consideration the planning and technical aspects.

You can make the choice of where you want the space in your home to be. Whether you want less space in the bedroom and more space in the bathroom, or if you want to make the whole building bigger, that is your prerogative.

The problem with moving instead of extending is that you don’t find the space exactly to your requirements. It is a rare occurrence that you find the finishes and layout exactly as you would want them.  This can then lead to unforeseen alteration costs once you’ve moved.

With an extension, you get to decide the overall shape and size of the rooms while being able to have considerable influence on the type of kitchen units and flooring from the start. New House builds also offer this opportunity.

Extending also offers the opportunity to use existing space and combining it with your extension. A small bathroom can be doubled into making space for a bath and shower for example.

corner bi-fold doors on an open plan kitchen extension by Origin

Added Value

If the extension build is designed and built to poor standards then, of course, it won’t add value but by employing a dedicated team like Earnock Builders, your extension will become an investment for the future and not just right now.  It can be difficult to be exact on the value an extension may bring as it will vary on the size, number and use of additional rooms.

Over a 10-year period, property prices usually double so you’re unlikely to lose out in the long term even if you’re not extending but a well designed and built addition by Earnock Builders will further increase the value.

People may have their say on what the price of a property should be but the only price that fundamentally matters is the price which a purchaser views it as.

It is the view that living space adds more sale price on that a bedroom but estate agents value properties based on how many bedrooms they have.

What ever the final figure might be it’s important that the build is completed to the highest possible standard, that’s why employing a well-respected company like ourselves with a track record of providing quality as well as value for money is paramount.

If you’re not a property developer, most homeowners will be extending their property to utilise the space themselves for an improved lifestyle experience. We doubt you would be looking to sell straight away once completed but it’s always good to know that you have that investment that will come in handy once you come to sell your home.

Again, english oak inappropriate material but like light and structure

Local Amenities

Moving with kids is always stressful at the best of times but it’s more difficult placing children in a new school. Keeping kids at a good local school is another reason to extend the house and not move home. This is often seen as an underestimated advantage of staying where you are.

By staying put, you have all local facilities which you may not have elsewhere.

Contract Control

When you extend your home, you don’t have the factor of being reliant on other people to sell their properties in order for you to move into yours.

You can completely eradicate this problem by extending your property and not selling.

Council Tax

Some extensions don’t require planning permission which means there’s no increase in council tax (i.e. due to the value of the property increasing).

There are so many reasons to extend your house over moving. Whether that’s to stay near to the local amenities in your area, by adding value to the property, being in control of how the house looks from day one or even the council tax breaks. Earnock Builders can make your dream a reality.

Get in touch today and we’ll more than happily discuss your requirements for an extension build.