Buildings speak a thousand words and when you visit Glasgow, you’ll be blown away by the architecture on offer here. The mix of 19th century architecture, modern offices and Mackintosh-designed buildings make it appealing for those who have a passion for building design. At Earnock Builders, we appreciate a beautifully designed structure when we see one. Let’s check out some of the best that the city of Glasgow has to offer:

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Riverside Museum

Modern architecture is seen in all its glory at the Riverside Museum. The building is a portrayal of the cities maritime and industrial past. Imposing angles add to the futuristic feel of the build while glass facades help light shine through to infiltrate the building. Dame Zaha Hadid was the first woman to be award the Pritzker Architecture prize after she designed the tourst attraction.

People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

Opened in 1898, The Peoples Palace is made of Locahrbriggs Red Sandstone and was designed by Alexander B. McDonald.  Those with a keen eye will appreciate certain sculptural elements and of course the Doulton Fountain.

Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow City Chambers is a delight for those who have an interest in architecture. This is the masterpiece of architect William Young who created the stunning display of Victorian civic design. Fitted with a grandiose staircase, mosaic ceilings, Spanish mahogany panelling, gold leaf accents, pillars and granite, swathes of stained glass, the Venetian style décor will get you lost for hours.

Mitchell Library

Another stand out in the city of Glasgow is the Mitchell Library.  Established in 1877, this building has a vast array of columns, windows, and an eye-catching bronze roof.

The Lighthouse

Dating way back to 1895, this is the first building open to the public commissioned by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Centre for Design and Architecture in Scotland, the building used to be the long-term building of the well-known newspaper, The Glasgow Herald. View the city from the Mackintosh Tower and experience the hypnotic spiralling staircase.

Holmwood House

With influential design and ornamented garnishing’s, this residential villa was designed by the great architectural genius Alexander Thomson. Known for his sustainable building techniques and Greek style, the home was designed for well-known paper manufacturer James Couper.

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One of the most popular places to visit in Glasgow and the most visited art gallery in Scotland, it’s the centre point of Royal Exchange Square.  The former townhouse of a wealthy tobacco lord, the building went through some changes since 1778.  The adding of the Corinthian pillars happened during the reconstruction period of 1827 and 1832. Popular with tourists and locals alike who are keen to unlock the wonders inside.

Clyde Auditorium

The SEC Armadillo is Glasgow’s answer to the Sydney Opera House, although an unintentional one. Build to in 1997 to accommodate the SEC conference centre, the famous building’s armadillo characteristics signify the Clyde’s shipbuilding heritage.

Glasgow Cathedral

Prominent and imposing, the Glasgow Cathedral predates the Scottish Reformation. A fantastic embodiment of Scottish Gothic architecture, this medieval cathedral is a must visit.  Large ceilings, ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and stained glass in are in truckloads here.

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