Over the years, we’ve seen the joy on our customer’s faces when they move into their new house build constructed by Earnock Builders. There are so many benefits to that come with a new home. We’ve created the go-to guide for the top benefits of moving into a fresh new property. Let’s check them out.

New built country bungalow

You can choose the plot of land

When you decide to buy a new home, you can decide where it’s going to be situated. You may be replacing your existing home but you might find a piece of land that is more suited to your needs nearby.

You get to choose the layout

With a new house build you can choose all the fitting and fixtures. Choose the type of kitchen, bathroom, carpets, tiling and every other main detail that you want in your new build home. That’s a big selling point when deciding which type of home to buy.

A new home is fresh and never used

A new build home is just that… new! It feels clean, fresh and there’s just a great feeling about moving somewhere that is completely newly constructed. Our customers have told us over the years this a big attraction in using us to create the home of their dreams.

Oh, I love this modern update that still retains the old world charm of the stone and style. So many homes like this in Europe.

You have peace of mind

At Earnock Builders we have years of experience in expert house builds with endlessly delighted customers. Aside from this, you also have a NHBC warranty in case anything structurally goes wrong. You don’t have this with an old home. New house builds also last the test of time.

The sense of community

You might not be the only family in the area that’s building a new home. It could be a plot of land where many customers have decided to build the property that matches their dreams. This can bond you all together as you all might be in the same boat.

Am very much liking this posh shed... Would love this as new office: Super Studios!

It’s a blank canvas

With a new house build it’s a blank canvas. You can choose what fittings go in each room, to the colour scheme across the home. When you buy an older home there’s a high chance you will change parts of it, even if it’s been renovated as you want to leave your own mark on it.

You can also create the garden of your dreams. You get to have as much grass as you want or as little. Get to position where to put the garden shed. You get the chance to add extras such a sunroom too that looks out onto the back garden also.

Energy efficient

By investing in a new build home from Earnock Builders, they’re cheaper to run and more energy efficient as they’re insulated to the current standard provided by law. If you have a young family, you’ll be glad to know that our new builds have great Wi-Fi connection too.

It’s an exciting challenge

Creating your own new build is exciting. You can have endless fun making mood boards, checking all the latest design interior magazines for inspiration and choosing colours for rooms.

There are loads of benefits to new house builds as you now know. If you’re looking for that reliable, customer friendly building company to bring your dreams to reality then look no further than Earnock Builders. Stay up to date on the blog and get in touch today!