There’s a lot to consider when planning and building a house extension. If not carefully thought out, the whole project can quickly end in turmoil as a result of careless house extension mistakes. To help you with maintaining a smooth operation, we’ve listed the 7 most common house extension mistakes and how you can avoid them.

house extension mistakes

1) Rushing

The top most common house extension mistake is to rush the process. People get so excited for their new extension to be built that they rush through the entire operation, which in hindsight, will be a regret and disappointment. Patience is key when planning an extension. Considering a home extension requires a lot of research that can’t just be skipped. Rushing through the research stage is what leads to all these other house extension mistakes!

2) Inconsideration and ignorance

Inconsideration and ignorance can be shown towards a few things; neighbours, wildlife and some home-building policies. Neighbours should always be informed on proposed plans, as it could affect their home too. They could take legal action if your work was to seriously overshadow a window and affect their “right to light.” Ignorance might also be expressed when the time to apply for planning permission arrives – a very important part of the extension process that should never be avoided.


3) Unrealistic ideas

People can often get carried away when planning a house extension and will come up with unrealistic ideas. Ideas and plans for your budget, design and time-frame can easily become unrealistic. Although you’re always advised to aim high, just aim to be realistic when planning for these. To avoid getting carried away, note exactly what it is you’re hoping to achieve, when you want to achieve it, and how you’re going to achieve it. Nothing is going to be perfect, so expect a few hiccups along the way.

4) Indecisiveness

Always begin the process with a solid plan that you can stick to. Not only will indecisiveness be a problem for yourself, but the builders too. Changing your mind halfway through the project will, firstly, add much more time onto the duration of your project, and secondly, the cost will likely increase too. To avoid indecisiveness, make several plans and discuss all the possibilities. This will allow you to come to a firm decision.

5) Choosing the wrong builders… or choosing none at all

There have been TV programmes that are based around this mistake. Choosing the wrong builders is a mistake that’s made through the mistake of rushing through research. Always research home extension builders thoroughly before finalising your decision. Another mistake is deciding not to choose builders at all and taking on the project by yourself. If you’re inexperienced and unequipped , this could lead to a whole list of other problems. Our builders are fully qualified and experienced professionals, you can view our past projects here.

6) Money

A lot can go wrong with money and house extensions. If you haven’t set a solid budget, you’re at risk of overspending and eventually running out of money. And when this happens, you’re left with a half-finished project. When you start planning for a house extension, before any of the action has happened, you should be sure you have the appropriate funds available. If not, plan a money-saving schedule that will allow you to start the project, instead of rushing into it and saving along the way.

7) Delaying

Although we have advised not to rush through a house extension project, you shouldn’t delay it either. Work through the project at a steady and realistic pace. Make aims with your builders for how much you’d like to have progressed each week and month. What should always be avoided, is stopping and starting the project. When a house extension is completed too quickly, it might be a disappointment. But when it’s taking months on end to complete, it can turn into an inconvenient chore that will be given up on and remain unfinished.

The key to overcoming these common house extension mistakes is to plan religiously. Now that you have this list of the most common mistakes, you can plan how exactly your project can overcome these.