At Earnock Builders we’ve brought our clients dreams to reality by building their dream extension, but we know for others it’s a bit more of a distant dream due to budget constraints. In this article, we’re going to be discussing how you can get the extension you want if you think strategically! We only build the highest quality of structures and if you follow our hints and tips, it could stretch your budget and you too, could have the extension you’ve always wanted.

Use Seasoned Professionals You Can Trust Such As Earnock

It’s important to not use cowboy builders as they can take advantage of unsuspecting customers. Jobs can be half completed or shoddily done and then need to be redone at a later date due to the poor workmanship. Clients can be overcharged and promised the world with their extension only for them to be let down. We suggest employing a well respect company like Earnock Builders who have a track record of producing time and time again.

Go For A Simpler Design

Complex styles go out of style quickly although they may look nice initially. That’s why the classic design might be the one to go with.  Going for something more timeless can be within budget as it saves labour costs as less materials are used in the construction of the extension.

Have A Vision Of What You Want

It’s important to think about how you want your extension to look like before the work gets started.  If you don’t, more capital needs to paid to contractors so the design can be changed with extra materials purchased.

For example, you might really love the idea of a basement conversion, but this might be costlier than a garage extension. It can differ case by case and can depend on many factors. Working with a professional who can consult you on the costings on each is vital.

Adding value to the home is something we all want to do and home extensions is a great way of doing this as well as giving you added space.  Completing an extension with a budget is possible if common sense and a proper strategy is put in place.

Get in touch with us at Earnock Builders and let us bring your dreams to reality with a new extension for you and your family.