The popularity of basement extensions has increased in recent years due to the premium that comes with this venture. These spaces have been transformed from simple storage rooms into proper living spaces for the whole family. It might make economic sense to transform your basement or cellar to add value and living space in your home.

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Depending on your location, an extension of a basement could add 30% to the value of your property.

If you’re looking to add a basement extension to your home, it’s important to check with local estate agents and see if this is a viable option to increase the value to your current home.  If it’s a new build you won’t have these concerns provided that the plot ticks various boxes – such as the space is well drained not subject to flooding.

It’s important that for any outlay you get redeemed for it.  This will depend much on the value of your home and the area you stay.

A suitable case for digging

In what instances can a basement not be implemented? In areas where their homes are close to rivers and where local services are running under the property can make it difficult to extend or transform your basement.  Local government mention that there is more risk of flooding, the closer you are to high water so there’s more difficulty to get the job done in this respect.

When there’s a solid floor, the prospect of a basement can also be difficult. It might not be feasible to fit a basement in this instance.

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Cavity drain membrane system

Up until the last 15 years, basements were built by being dug out and then finished with cement. No waterproofing was taken into consideration.

Leaks would then inevitably occur after several years, increasing the reputation that basements were a place that was susceptible to dampness and flooding.

In today’s world, basement projects are excavated and the foundation of the build, underpinned with waterproof concrete while the whole inside of the basement is tanked with a waterproof membrane covered in studs.

This cavity membrane system is installed so for any water build up is detected, it helps drain it away and keeps the cellar dry and waterproof.

Do you require planning permission?

If you’re creating a basement and are excavating, you would need planning permission from the relevant authorities however if you’re simply adapting an already existing basement and the work is internal then it’s doubtful you’ll need planning permission.  In any instance check before. With new building work, it needs to meet the usual building regulation requirements.

If you have neighbours, you’ll need to written consent from them before commencing any work if you share a wall where the basement extension is happening.

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Will it take a long time?

The time to complete your basement extension will depend on numerous factors.   Such as how much building work is required, and the amount of excavation needed. Although on excavation projects it can be disruptive, the work is completed externally and not internally. The work is effectively sealed off at ground level.

Overall benefits of a basement extension

You don’t lose any internal space with an enhanced basement space and you get the added benefit of a basement being closer to your living room space than a loft.

Securing planning permission for a basement extension is relatively easy especially if your neighbours have extended their cellar space.

A basement extension can add value to your home.

Your home becomes more energy efficient with the added insulation while it makes the home drier and healthier when the basement is waterproofed.

Living in a terraced or semidetached house means soundproofing can make the new room quieter

With a new basement or a cellar extension, it will free up space in other parts of the house and it becomes a space that’s adaptable depending on your circumstances.

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