We’re very proud to have been the main sponsor for the amazing Peak2Peak 2017 Challenge that took place last weekend on the 17th June 2017. The challenge is known nationwide but for those not in the know, it involved a team of challengers climbing 3 mountain peaks in 24hrs. We’re proud to say the team completed the challenge which covered Ben Nevis (the highest peak in the UK) before driving to Scafell Pike in the Lake District then for an unbelievable finish the team completed Snowdon in Wales.
The challenge raised money for Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital which we are seriously delighted about. We’ve been a big supporter of the Catherine McEwan Foundation for many years too which was another charity the team were raising money for.

We’re a socially responsible company who are always looking to help where we can. The Peak2Peak Challenge was a very successful sponsorship for us and we’ll be looking to exactly the same on the next project.
Congratulations to Derek and the team for completing the challenge and we look forward to the next one that awaits you.