At Earnock Builders, we know the benefits that come with adding an extension to your home. The traditional extension is a structure situated on the ground floor that extends onto the garden. This enables the outdoor and indoor space to blend seamlessly together.

An extension isn’t restricted to building sideways, creating space anywhere in the home is also applicable here. There’s other options out there such as upwards into the loft. In the past it was an extension on the rear or side of the house that would come in the form of a flat roofed box but times have changed and there are other designs out there now.

Detached Buildings

Although technically not an extension, there are situations where a building detached from the house is a great method for additional accommodation.  It might be preferred for certain households to have a separate building from the house. An example of this could be someone who works from home and requires a home office or even a music room.

You could have older relatives staying with you, but you still want them to have their independence and a detached building could fit the bill in this circumstance.


Another popular extension method is the sunroom. It’s a maintenance-free and cost-effective way of enhancing the space in your home. It doesn’t come with the expense of other types of extensions, so this is why it can be an attractive option for home buyers.

A sunroom differs from the likes of a conservatory as it has a slate or traditional tiled roof. This means that it will have fantastic thermal qualities as it will keep the area nice and warm during the winter months and cool in the summer.

Built for the purpose of extending your enjoyment of the outdoors, a sunroom can give you an adaptable and robust space that can be enjoyed at any point during the year. You may adapt the space to be a large family room, a gaming area or a dining room. Whatever it may be, it is served as a bright and airy space for you to relax in.

Earnock has years of experience in designing and optimising your space. The aim is to bring added value and character to your home, whatever the project.

If you’re looking for your next extension then look no further than Earnock Builders. Get in contact today and we’ll happily discuss your requirements.