It is often overlooked the type of roof that will go with your extension. It’s very important to think about your options though when considering a roof extension. At Earnock Builders, we are fully aware of this. It’s vital that the correct roof is chosen for your extension, so it looks aesthetically pleasing, is cost effective as well as keeping the place warm and dry.

When choosing what type of roof that is right  it needs to suit your needs so that’s why we’ve put together some roofing options that fit those needs:

The Pitched Roof

It’s a classic option, the pitched roof, that offers several benefits such as loft space, providing fantastic rainwater run-off and of course creating an aesthetically pleasing structure both internally and externally too.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something different from a flat roof. Externally you can decide which roofing cover matches the rest of the building be it concrete tiles for example.  You can create an angular ceiling line so that it fits the shape of the roof or you can leave the internal joists exposed.

If you want to increase natural light into the space, then you can integrate roof lights which makes the space feel more airy and spacious.

To ensure that planning permission is granted it’s important that you when you specify your building materials, they are in keeping with the property itself.

Pitched roofs are great option as they look good, planners like it, you have increased ceiling height and more storage and loft space.

Hipped Roofs

The hipped roof is another popular roof extension that is popular in the UK. Great for the modern home and more traditional setting,

These are just a couple of options that you can choose for your extension. Please get in contact with us at Earnock Builders about any future extension and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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