People decide to go for a house extension for many different reasons. For example, a house extension ads amazing value to your home.

types of house extensions

But which of the many types of house extensions is right for you? When we say house extension many people think of a single-story extension, forgetting that there are many different varieties of home extension:

  • Single Storey House Extensions
  • Rear House Extensions
  • Two Storey House Extensions
  • Wrap Around/L Shaped House Extensions
  • Over Structure House Extensions
  • Sunrooms

Keep reading for photos and details of each extension!

Before you start, make sure you read what you need to consider when building a house extension.

1)   Single Storey Home Extension

Single Storey Home Extension

The traditional extensions. Single-story extensions can are an excellent use of space, transforming your home and lifestyle. Use of skylights here can really maximise the natural lighting in your home.

2) Rear House Extension

Rear House Extension

Rear extensions back onto your back garden and are an excellent way to transform your outdoor living space alongside your home. Installing beautiful bi-folding doors here can help create that seamless merge of interior and exterior we often crave.

3) Two Storey House Extensions

Two Storey House Extensions

Two storey extensions help you create both living space and accommodation at the same time. This extension is perfect for growing families or if you feel like your home is getting a bit cramped.

What’s great about a two storey home extension is that you are getting the second story pretty much half price.*

Let us explain:

The general rule of thumb is that a two storey extension adds 50% onto the cost of a single storey extension.* For example, let’s say that your single storey extension quote was £32,000 including VAT and labour. Your quote for a double storey extension would be £48,000. That’s double the space of a single storey extension for half the price.

*please note this is a very loose example and prices can vary greatly on different properties, areas and design specification.

4) Wrap Around or L Shaped House Extension

Wrap Around or L Shaped House Extension

A wraparound extensions combines both a long side extension and a rear extension creating a distinct L shaped house extension. These extensions look great both open plan and sectioned off as bathrooms, storage cupboards and living areas.

5) Over-Structure House Extension

Over-Structure House Extension

If your house has an attached garage or other single storey structure, extending above this creates a great option for creating space and adding value to your home.

Be careful, however, as some garages only have single skin brickwork making them unsuitable for twin leaf brickwork above.

6) Sunrooms


Not to be confused with a conservatory, a sunroom is an extra room in your home that gets the amazing natural light a conservatory gets without being un-usable for half the year (during summer and winter).

A solid roof keeps most of the direct sunlight out of the room keeping it cooler in the summer and connecting a sunroom to the central heating allows it to be easily heated.

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